About Us


We are an African family, who were born and raised in Zimbabwe and Zambia. We have lived in several different parts of Africa the most recent being South Africa.

After deciding to open an African art and African craft store in the United States we spent two years researching our merchandise with a pointed emphasis on quality and versatility and have managed to strike an admirable balance.

Mission Statement:

We wanted to help empower Africans, ourselves included. Most of our African art and crafts are made by women or disabled people of both sexes. With the influx of illegal refugees into South Africa there is a huge unemployment problem and by using traditional skills in manufacturing African art and crafts they are able to provide themselves and their families with an income. We firmly believe that if you give someone money you feed them for a day but if you help them provide a living for themselves you feed them for a lifetime.

About the Artists:

We believe that a wealth of talent exists in our continent and by marketing the works of local African artists and crafts people we can contribute in some small way to help elevate the economic status in these African communities.

Africans display a determination to survive and overcome war, inequality, sickness, poverty and hunger. This is the inspiration to our master crafts people and helps them to look past their daily existence and to create objects of beauty that will live forever in their minds, and for generations in your lives.