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Mask of Seven 14ct Gold Mask Earings

Fourteen Carate Mask Of Seven Gold Earings
Fourteen Carate Mask Of Seven Gold Earings
Item# TJE116

Product Description

Fourteen Carate Mask Of Seven Gold Earings

14ct Mask Size:
Length: 1 1/2 inches
Width: 3/4
Hanging Length: 1 1/2 inches
Weight: 5.5 grams

Hand Crafted in South Africa

Elegantly in style and of superb craftsmanship, this 14ct gold Mask of Seven earings that not only look beautiful but allow you to wear the mystic and culture of Africa.

About African Jewelry.

Owning a piece of African jewelry is more than owning a piece of jewelry its possessing a world of culture and history in its own beautiful form. Even though there is history and meaning behind each piece, it’s the art in the jewelry that grabs the attention of most collectors.

African jewelry is an ancient and time honored art form that reflects the art of African heritage, culture and history. There are several artistic, religious, spiritual and cultural elements of African heritage visible in each uniquely crafted piece of jewelry.

Around the turn of the 10th century, when bronze work was common, crafting these pieces became more intricate. Bronze pieces were normally decorated with ivory or precious stones and several of these pieces were identified with royalty. Beads have also played a very important role in African culture and can be seen today in many of the beautiful pieces of jewelry created by the skilled craftsmen who make them.

Modern African pieces still remain true to the same historic values and meanings of the past. These values represent different elements of African culture and reveal the importance of each piece of jewelry, which in turn makes them so special to collectors and art lovers everywhere.

The history and meaning of each piece of jewelry is unique. It is said that owning one of these pieces provides hope, wisdom and well-being to its owner. So start your own ‘art’ collection today.

Mask Of Seven

SUPA - (SUPA is a Tswana for for Seven.

In Western mythology seven is widely regarded as a mystical number. In certain parts of Africa seven is also a significant number. A mask of the Guru (Côte d' Ivoire) has numerous scarifications (small flesh cuts that leave raised scars). There are sets of three scars and sets of four - being respectively male and female numbers. These sets of scarifications each, as a group, total seven. This is clearly deliberate, for in the description of the mask it is stated that seven is the number that represents sexual completeness. Similarly our mask has elements of seven. The total eye, mouth and nose parts is seven. There are seven vertical bars within the headdress. The major design planes of two eyes, two cheek curves, mouth, nose and the triangular forehead also total seven. The focus on the Euro/African mythology of SEVEN and its intricate pierced design make this an unusual and significant mask.

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